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I live in the conservation belt along the Yarra River between Eltham and Warrandyte. Just 700 m due south from my house is the boundary of the the Warrandyte State Park. This section of the Park is notionally closed but entry can be gained readily. Inside the Park is lightly timbered, with the Yarra River below. There a gurgling sound, as the river is running through the minor rapids, called Laughing Waters.

Looking down from the high bank of the Yarra near my home.

Swimming hole above Laughing Waters

I haven't been fast enough with my camera to snap the kangaroos one often sights when strolling along this stretch of the Yarra to the billabongs. But here is a pix of the slower moving local fauna.

Local fauna again seen

Island near the billabongs. The most striking billabong is the Red Billabong.
The Red Billabong viewed through the scraggy local trees - largely regrowth
The native plant covering the billabong is Azolla filiculoides (Red Azolla).
Azolla is a small native floating fern -- which grows green green but turns red under the sun.
Another view of the still waters of this billabong
Red Billabong  - a closer view
Textured red.
Adjacent to the Red Billabong is a classic windmill.
Southern Cross brand windmill operated pump in a grove of river gums and messmate.
This windmill pump - so at home in the outback - is located less that 150 m from the Yarra.
Further on, one hears a steadily increasing roar, of water exiting the Pound Bend Tunnel.
Looking across the Yarra to the lower end of the Pound Bend tunnel
From the opposite bank, one can see right through the the narrow neck of the Pound Bend. The tunnel across was dug during the goldrushes of the nineteenth century.

Loooking along walk route
From the other side of the Yarra, looking upstream towards the Tunnel outlet.

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